Large Family Home Off Grid Solar Package

Why off grid solar with AmpForce?

  • Cost savings
  • Be energy independent all year round – no blackouts, power outages or unstable power supplies
  • In bushfires zones – fires forced closures of the Australian energy highways
  • Powerlines are shutdown to mitigate fire risk leaving communities and families vulnerable and at risk
  • Powerlines are damaged and unable to supply your property
  • States urge you to reduce your energy usage in heatwaves
  • Household solar and battery technology is your answer
  • Solar batteries in your off grid system hold energy ready to be used when you need it
  • The generator supplies power after a few days of bad weather and it charges your batteries
  • Be self sufficient during times of crisis
  • Live as if you are on the grid- leave your lights on, run all your appliances including air conditioners, fridge and freezer (no food spoilage). Charge your phone and devices – stay connected receive and share emergency information
  • Run your water pumps and sprinklers

Need Help?

AmpForce Solar can assist you to build the best custom Off Grid Solar System for your needs and budget.

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