Off Grid Solar Power Albury Wodonga & Shepparton

Complete Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Off grid solar is cheaper and more reliable than ever. If you live in a remote area or just want to detach from the grid AmpForce electrical can help.

We design and install the highest quality off grid systems using leading manufacturers. We install systems that range in size from residential solar systems to large/Commercial solar systems.

Our installers are qualified, accredited and experienced. Our installations are to the highest quality and installed to follow strict Australian safety standards.

Batteries we use

We install the latest lithium batteries. The perks of lithium batteries are the greater depth of discharge meaning less batteries required, you can pull more power out of them then most batteries, faster charge time (less generator run time), you can add new batteries on easily regardless the state of the old batteries.

Our battery brand of choice is BYD.

So why BYD?

  • Chemistry is Lithium Iron Phosphate (safest Lithium chemistry battery)
  • Outputs more power per kWh of battery than most on the market.
  • Reputable company (Bigger than Tesla)
  • 10 year warranty
  • They come neatly packaged, pictured below in the white vermin proof boxes.

Victron Multiplus/Easysolar Battery inverters

This controls the battery charging and discharging. The Victron Multiplus can supply up to 10kw of power from the batteries to the home. That’s a whopping 43 Amps of continuous power. The solar panels will send power through this to the batteries for charging and when that’s lacking the generator will automatically kick in and charge the batteries while also while powering your home.

Fronius Inverter and Longi PERC 300w Solar Panels

While all parts are vital in an off grid system. We believe that quality shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing your solar panels and inverter. If these fail, you will be relying on your generator till the problem is resolved.

We only install Fronius inverters for our off grid systems. They are an Austrian company that have been around for 73 years. They offer a 10 year warranty.

Our solar panels are 300w Longi PERC panels they have the world record for efficiency and have a 25 year linear power output warranty. They are a great panel and a nice looking (black) panel.

Off Grid Photo Gallery

Off Grid Solar Packages

AmpForce are experts when it comes to off grid solar systems with many happy customers. We install the highest quality systems. This gives you peace of mind that you have a reliable power supply that will last.

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